New iPhones are now obtainable, and so is the most recent version of iOS, which provides a host of new features worth looking at.

Apple has verified that the new software update will perform on any iPhone going back all the way to the iPhone 5s. For the iPad, anything from the iPad Air 1 or after and iPad mini 2 or later (including all iPad Pro models) will also be capable to run the new software. If you have a 6th-gen iPod touch kicking around, that one also receives the update.

If you have not updated still, it is simple to download the new version. Go to Settings> General> Software Update to start the process directly on the phone or tablet, or plug into a computer and open iTunes.


Siri Shortcuts and Suggestions

Apple’s voice assistant has been in want of something fresh, and these shortcuts may be one method to provide that. Previously, the voice assistant was restricted in scope, but this new feature may open it up in fascinating methods to do more.

There is some misunderstandings as to how to really access, configure and create shortcuts. Below Settings> Siri & Search you will find some basic options, however there is also a standalone app you can download for free from the App Store. That app provides a trove of options, such as for third-party apps.

Once you get the hang of it, you can choose from current shortcuts or create your own. For example, an current one would be “Add new event,” and then the name, location, date and when you need to be alerted, therefore that it’s in your calendar. One more would be “Open camera,” or “Shoot photo,” which can release the camera app or take a photo. I use this with Camera+ 2, a third-party camera app that is much better than Apple’s default one.

It is still early, however there is some interesting functionality with this feature, and it may just get more interesting once additional third-party apps become appropriate. There is a lot in there, as it is, so be patient and explore what you can do. Searching online may also mention unique shortcuts others made.

Animoji and Memoji

With iOS 11, Apple introduced animated emojis that mimicked your facial expressions and applied your voice when sending someone a message. They included more emojis to the mix, such as a koala, tiger, T-Rex and ghost to add to the fun. Much more that, though, there is a method to make a memoji.

The concept is you can create an animated character that seems like you (to a cartoonish degree, anyway), complete with hair colour, facial hair, lashes and eye shape. You can place your memoji into any message, and now record for up to 30 seconds rather than the previous restrict of 10.

Screen Time

If display withdrawal is an problem for you, this feature might make you see the light. Parents worried about how much time their kids are wasting looking at mobile displays may also take note.

This is basically parental control, or an example of self-restraint. Under Settings> Screen Time, you can see a breakdown of your usage. For example, entertainment and social networking are unique categories, and you can arranged time limits or block out certain apps in specific timeframes. Apple secures this with a individual passcode you can choose yourself. That is most ideal for parents who need to put some limits on usage.

You can whitelist apps, too. Phone calls, text messages and music do not have to be off-limits. In addition, you can block any third-party app from running, therefore if FaceTime is okay, Skype does not have to be, for example.

eSIM functionality

This one is quite big once it gets the green light from Canadian carriers. Up to now, as of this report, Bell is the only carrier that facilitates it. Keep in mind this feature only applies to the iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

With eSIM built-in, both phones are generally dual-SIM devices. That means you can have two carrier networks running at the same time. If you are travelling, that makes it simpler to carry one phone without getting to change out SIM cards. Apple claims the feature will not actually be active until iOS 12.1 goes live, therefore keep tuned on this one.

Improved Portrait mode

Apple’s Camera app should now get better portraits because of an increased potential to separate the subject from the background. It is applicable to all the diverse effects within the mode too, therefore give it a try and see exactly how photos turn out.

Better multitasking

If you hated the method you had to swipe up and touch the ‘X’ to get rid of an open app, I was with you. Apple set this in iOS 12 by simplifying the additional phase. All you want to do now is swipe up to see the open apps shown, and then swipe up the ones you need to entirely close.

Take measurements

Apple integrated a new Measure app that uses the camera to assist decide distance. Touch on an object at one point and then move the phone to the other level to see the measurement onscreen. Another awesome feature is automatically measuring a photo or frame dimension by point the camera at it. Try it out and see how it performs.

Checking your battery

Next the controversy more than how Apple deals with batteries with following iOS updates, this might assist glean some information. Move to Settings> Battery and look at the graphs that outline how much battery power specific apps take up. In case there is a thing utilizing up a lot of power, specially with low screen time, something might be wrong.

Going further more, just like into Battery Health, you will notice its capacity and capability. If you are making use of an older iPhone and observe that it is under 100 per cent, that is standard. Well, at least based on age. Lithium batteries degrade over time, however if you have a high capacity and are hardly enduring through a day, monitor usage first, then try to make work with of the Low Power mode.

Other maps in CarPlay

With iOS 12, Apple now permits third-party mapping apps to work on CarPlay. If you work CarPlay in your vehicle, look for Google Maps and Waze to now be on the screen. Search for destinations on either app, or start them on your phone therefore they keep on once you are behind the wheel.

Other features

There are a variety of other changes, such as better location data for 911 emergency calls, group FaceTime chats, adding gestures to the iPad, enhancing Face ID and realizing what apps take up the most data. Apple Books now replaces iBooks. Voice Memos are also on the iPad, with full iCloud syncing support.

Even from a basic point of view, there is some enhanced fluidity in navigating iOS. It just looks smoother all around, at least for me.

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