Blackberry Phone Repair in Oakville

In most cases, we’re able to repair your Blackberry Phone in an hour.
Blackberry Phone Repair in Oakville

The Canadian telecommunications company, BlackBerry Limited, dominated the smartphone market in the early 2000s.  While its market share has decreased since the advent of the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry devices still remain a good choice.  Many models still include a physical keyboard, which some find easier to use than a touchscreen.  In recent years, BlackBerry has also moved into the tablet market.

The expert technicians at Techville can repair many BlackBerry devices.  Please see each individual model page for details.

No matter the model of BlackBerry you have, chances are, we can fix it.  Some of the problems we fix daily include the following.

  • Screen replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Charging port replacement and repair

Our team will then test the device to make sure it’s working, and you will get our sixty-day guarantee on parts and labor.

Your BlackBerry keeps you connected to the world.  When your device is broken, let us restore that connection.  Contact your local Techville Repair Centre location, or pay us a visit.  If you need to send your BlackBerry in by email, include your battery and smartphone only, and we will get it fixed.

We can repair or replace most models of BlackBerry phone

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