Out of the box, perfect new smartphones are almost usually fast, responsive, and trouble free. But load up thousands of emails and attachments, different apps and games, songs, videos, photos and things can slow them down considerably.

Mobile phones are portable computers and they suffer from the same bottlenecks that frequently affect our PCs. Whether its too many photos, music or video files or outdated settings, its a problem to maintain things running efficiently.

Not like PC’s, however, the normal options of upgrading hardware or placing RAM and storage are not available to smartphones. This indicates that users need to exercise some kind of management to get their devices working just like new once again. Below are some common things to think about if your smartphone begins getting stuck or slowing down.

Update the software

Providing your device has the most recent system software or firmware update is important in making sure it operates perfectly. It is no secret that most consumer electronics ship with earlier versions of the software or operating system and producers squash bugs, repair problems and add new characteristics with following software updates.

Actually older mobile phones can take pleasure in new features and better handling of software by updating the software to the most recent obtainable version.

Understand the issues

Similar to cars, mobile phones are subject to recalls whenever components in the system want maintaining. One this kind of example is the iPhone where a software update has induced performance throttling and slow-downs allowed by the system because of to reduced battery life.

This indicates some users will notice their devices’ battery life reduce suddenly when getting 40 percent or 30 percent. With this problem, Apple has updated some software corrects as well as provided low priced battery replacement on these damaged devices (iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone SE).

Understanding what the problems dealing with your phone and getting the solutions and services that can minimize these problem can assist your device run better or as close to how it was when new.

Check the charger

Often, it is the charging cable or the plug that could be leading to problems for example weak charging, generating heat or leading to the smartphone to reboot. Plugs and wires get a lot of beating in day-to-day make use of and at times require to be changed to be able for the smartphone to go back to usual.

Cut the junk

Spring cleaning the contents of your device does not only release space, it can also speed up efficiency.

If you have any kind of game, videos, apps, photos, songs that you do not actually use or access, it is greatest to remove them from your device (provided you have them stored in the cloud or on your PC).

This will not just lighten the load on your device since there’s fewer things to manage, it will also give you much more space for newer files you need to bring. I frequently backup most of my photos to cloud services to be able to release what is on my phone.

Add storage when possible

For mobile phones that can take microSD card storage, including these has never been less expensive.

While microSD cards can manage media, photos and some apps, they are not part of the primary OS and are actually good for keeping content you are planning on playing again. microSD card storage is not excellent for applications which are still installed on your phone’s integrated storage for security reasons but adding storage does add more flexibility.

Furthermore really worth considering are cloud storage services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and DropBox. All these services provide free tiers and have associate apps that make sure you can access information anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Start fresh

At times your mobile phone will slow down and sense time consuming regardless of doing your greatest to control your resources and space.

The greatest factor to think about doing is to start fresh by backing all up and resetting your device from scratch.

This helps make it simple to decide which apps you actually want to use and can add again.

Not just does resetting your device clear out all of the poor code and digital detritus that has gathered through time, it makes it achievable to get the most recent OS, latest firmware and make your device sense new again. Just make sure you back up all of your data and files before erasing your device because once you delete them, the can not be restored.

Check the Weather

Weather impacts all and mainly electronics. Most mobile phones will slow down or reject to work correctly in extreme weather or temperatures. I have experienced a increase in heat from smartphones that are utilized for navigating through GPS when positioned on a dashboard on a hot day.

Likewise, severe cold can impact different components of smartphones. Touchscreen sensitivity can be dampened and your phone might not react to touch or work as predicted. There is not much you can do in these scenarios however try and maintain your smartphone’s temperature in check.

Weather publicity also affects battery life. This differs from phone to phone however thinking about that batteries are generally chemical components, its not unusual that exposing these to heat or cold can negatively impact both short-term and long term battery efficiency.


You will find third party apps that guarantee to support speed up smartphones and declutter them, however while some of these might perform on the short term, I tend to trust the device’s native OS itself to manage resources and speed up bottlenecks.

The above strategies have aided me speed up older or underpowered phones and have helped to expand the useful life of these devices.

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